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Reporting & Analytics

Get real-time insight into your organization with customizable dashboards and reports.

Dashboards and analytics that are suited to the needs of your entire organization

With the elegant visual display of Casamba’s dashboards, important information for each role is consolidated and arranged on a single screen, allowing you to quickly assess the current status of metrics and key performance indicators for your organization. Need more detail? Drill down into the data to pinpoint specific activities. Customized by role, data in the dashboards is secure and robust. Therapists see clinical information relevant to their case load and labor, management can focus on the matrices that are important to their objectives, and the corporate team can easily access statistical, financial, clinical, labor, and regulatory to monitor trends affecting the organization.

casamba's dashboards and analytics EMR System for Skilled Nursing Facility
Casamba's Skilled Nursing EMR systems for Multi-level business

Insights at any and every level of your business

Casamba solutions are implemented in therapy companies of all sizes, so whether you have one or 1500+ locations, our analytics tools, dashboards and reports can be configured for multiple view levels including: individual clinician, facility, region/group, or for your entire enterprise.

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