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Built-in clinical pathways give clinicians customized and compliant documentation options. Casamba's model supports evidenced-based care and assists with managing today’s reimbursement models. It increases consistency of care, helps assess how much therapy is medically necessary, assists with cost containment and offers a methodology to track outcomes critical to the development of the therapy program.

The Highest Level of Efficiency

Our guided approach allows for the efficient handling of multiple patient visits, re-population of required clinical documentation, and support for compliance, while ensuring low appeals risk and providing progress visibility from start-of-care through the end-of-care.

Clinical Documentation for Highest Level Efficiency

Clinical Documentation Include Unique Audit System

Designed to Identify Key Areas of Opportunity for Further Assessment

Our enhanced clinical documentation includes a unique audit system that is accessible for each patient episode; analyze multiple sections of the patient chart and create detailed, score-based reports that can be customized based on specific compliance options.

Problem Oriented Documentation

The Problem Oriented Documentation features in Casamba Skilled allow clinicians to filter choices by diagnosis, which facilitates success with efficiency, consistency and compliance.

Casamba Skilled Problem Oriented Documentation

"Casamba, improve my efficiency with speech recognition."

Speech recognition is the next frontier for post-acute care for getting work done faster and more efficiently. Casamba delivers a state-of-the-art speech recognition system through its partnership with nVoq. The service enables quick and highly-accurate capturing of patient narratives at the point of care to expedite high-quality documentation, simplify coding and streamline reimbursement cycles.

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