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Documentation & Care Delivery

Intuitive point of care documentation with intelligent features that enhance accuracy and compliance.

Coordinate care across your entire agency with secure messaging.

Our secure and HIPAA-compliant messaging allows clinicians to stay in constant touch with the office and other care team members. Our solution also provides device-level security, meaning IT staff can wipe a device if it is lost, or stolen.

Home Health Software With Care Delivery Services

Home Care Software - Patient-Centric Interface

A point of care solution that is truly focused on patient care.

This starts with the Integrated Assessments for home health at the start of care. The patient-centric interface that organizes the clinician’s work day with a focus on open items and patient-related tasks. As a clinician walks through a visit, there is a progress bar and mandated items are clearly marked, so they know exactly where they are in the visit. All work is auto-saved, so documentation progress is never lost.

Deliver streamlined, patient-specific care with OASIS Clinical Assistant.TM

Casamba’s OASIS Clinical AssistantTM promotes building unique, patient-specific care plans with suggested interventions and goals. It also offers real-time references to previous documentation, resulting in enhanced compliance and streamlined care.

Home Health Software With Care Delivery Services

"Casamba, improve my efficiency with speech recognition."

Speech recognition is the next frontier for post-acute care for getting work done faster and more efficiently. Casamba delivers a state-of-the-art speech recognition system through its partnership with nVoq. The service enables quick and highly-accurate capturing of patient narratives at the point of care to expedite high-quality documentation, simplify coding and streamline reimbursement cycles.

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