The Casamba and Medbridge Integration
Improves Efficiency and Patient Engagement

MedBridge improves patient outcomes, increases profitability, and mitigates regulatory risk at nearly 1,000 organizations nationwide. MedBridge drives better patient care while helping organizations to improve financial performance. MedBridge’s integrated platform provides the industry’s most powerful patient engagement, continuing & compliance education, and enterprise-level reporting tools. Casamba customers purchasing MedBridge CEUs receive a special discount.

How to Conduct Telehealth Virtual Visits

Schedule your Telehealth visit and send the email invite to your patient.

Send the Telehealth intro email to your patient from the Patient Profile at the time of scheduling so they can prepare for the visit.

At the scheduled appointment time, start your virtual visit.

This will trigger a notification via text or email to your patients.

Wait for the patient to join the call.

Patients will need to accept the call within our Patient Portal for the visit to begin.

Once you are connected, begin your consultation.

If you get disconnected, simply click “Start Video Call” to reconnect.

Live stream the exercises with your patient.

Each patient’s unique HEP can be shared during the call to discuss your patient’s progress, the difficulty of the exercises, and any modifications you are recommending.

Complete the visit to trigger the patient survey.

Any updates made to the HEP during the visit will automatically update on the patient’s side once the session ends.


Telehealth Virtual Visits

Effectively triage and optimize care delivery to
better manage your patient population and
lower cost of treatment.

Manage your patient’s treatment plan across the continuum of care.

Telehealth Virtual Visits expands healthcare access in an efficient and effective manner, ensuring optimal long term outcomes.

  • Triage patients remotely
  • Extend post-discharge care
  • Improve engagement and adherence
  • Provide effective care for remote patients

Virtual Visits, Simplified.

Our Telehealth solution has been optimized for ease-of-use by both clinicians and patients, offering a simple way to provide remote care for patients while sharing personalized Home Exercise Programs and Patient Education resources.

Telehealth Appointment Workflow

Scheduling Telehealth Appointment

Day of Appointment

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