The Casamba and MatrixCare Integration
Improves Efficiency and Patient Engagement

Casamba’s partnership with MatrixCare gives providers increased efficiency through the streamlined integration of our platforms and allows Skilled Nursing Facilities to focus on delivering the highest level of patient care.

MatrixCare solutions have powered the long-term care continuum for over 30 years. They are now the largest LTPAC technology provider and the first to offer a true fully integrated, full spectrum EHR solution. Used in more than 13,000 facility-based care settings and 2,500 home care/home health and hospice organizations, MatrixCare’s long-term care EHR system and solutions help skilled nursing and senior living providers, life plan communities (CCRCs), and home health organizations to prosper as we migrate to a fee-for-value healthcare system.

Admissions Discharges Transfers (ADT)

This interface gives facilities the ability to send patient
demographic information, admission dates, and physician
information to a Casamba-hosted secure site on regular
intervals, which are then automatically imported into the
Casamba database.

Treatment Diagnosis Code (Tx Code)

The Tx Code interface provides the automatic transmission
of resident Treatment Diagnosis codes. Codes are applied
directly to the resident’s face sheet.

Minimum Data Set (MDS) – Section O & GG

This interface imports therapy data from Casamba Skilled
into MatrixCare MDS, providing a holistic view into
completed therapy services for a resident’s open

Daily Minute Import

Minutes billed daily imports from Casamba Skilled into
MatrixCare, providing a comprehensive view of charges
entered for residents.

Therapy Document Import (DOCS)

The Therapy Document Import populates MatrixCare
with therapy documentation associated with the
resident’s care. Documents are saved as part of the
residents’ electronic health record, allowing facility
staff access to the resident’s therapy records within
the EHR. Documents include Plan of Care, Updated &
Supplemental Plan of Care, Weekly Therapist &
Assistant Progress Reports, Addendum Note,
Discharge Summary, Service Log, and Daily Therapy

Occurrence Code Import

The Occurrence Code Import API gives the ability to
automatically import into MatrixCare occurrence
codes entered into Casamba Skilled for residents with
Medicare Part B coverage.

Ancillary Billing

Automatically generate and transmit (monthly)
ancillary charges (individually or by batch)
into MatrixCare AR/ Billing.

To request integration with Casamba Skilled,
contact your MatrixCare representative.

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