September 2020 Newsletter

September 2020

White Paper: Benefits of Diversification in Post-Acute Care

Are you looking to grow your bottom line?

This is a constant concern for most post-acute care providers, and it’s only been heightened in the age of value-based healthcare, telehealth and changing consumer behavior. This explains why many are diversifying and looking beyond skilled nursing facilities as a way to build their business and be best positioned for long-term success.

Check out our recent white paper and explore your diversification options. Learn more

Benefits of Diversification in Post Accute Care

Post-Acute Industry News

What is the Cost of Outdated Provider Payment Collection Practices?

The Trends in Healthcare Payments Tenth Annual Report: 2019 reported that 65% of providers saw an increase in patient responsibility compared to 2018. Though consumer payment responsibility continues to be a steady and substantial segment of overall healthcare costs, providers are not experiencing the desired payment growth upon service delivery. Learn more

The Cost of Outdated Provider Payment Collection Practices

3 Reasons You Should Use Telehealth To Grow Your Business

Telehealth To Grow Your Business

During the earliest stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth became a vital resource for therapists. This service allowed them to continue to provide care to their patients, even when they couldn’t meet in person. Learn more

CMS Reinstates Modifier 59 with October 2020 NCCI PTP Update

CMS updates the NCCI Procedure to Procedure (PTP) edit tables for physicians/practitioners and hospitals quarterly every January, April, July and October. In April of this year, CMS made significant changes to these edits, removing many long-standing code pairings for PT, OT and SLP that historically required the application of modifier 59 (for example, 97530 and 97116). Learn more


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