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Brian Dwyer, Chief Revenue Officer


What sets your company apart?

DWYER: We have combined software companies that provide services across the post-acute continuum, enabling clinical and administrative data to flow as patients move across the places of service. This will enable Casamba customers, which are more often participating in multiple post-acute settings, to hold onto patients and more effectively administer care. The post-acute segment is experiencing consolidation both within and across the segments that make up post-acute care.

How does software help a company maintain compliance and reduce errors?

DWYER: Casamba enables clinicians to see the entire patient record, whether or not they have an internet connection in the home—an important feature to assure continuity of patient care. We also provide visibility into what administrative processes must be completed by clinicians in order to maintain compliance. Finally, we always guide the clinician to document against the care plan so every patient visit is conducted in a compliant fashion.

Why does interoperability matter?

DWYER: Health care is a system. Every provider has a role in making sure care is delivered with the goal of minimizing the chance of decline in patient status. With value-based reimbursement and hospital readmission penalties, it is key that each provider has visibility into patient data to meet that quality aim. For patient care to be seamless across the continuum, data must flow across the continuum.

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