Interview With Paragon Rehabilitation

Paragon’s path to diversification

As an area manager for Paragon Rehabilitation, Jill Schwartz runs the home health therapy operations in the north region for the Louisville-based rehab firm. In her role, Jill oversees upwards of 200 employees in four states, ensuring they have everything they need to provide the best care possible to their patients.

Approximately five years ago, Paragon was looking to diversify their business into other areas of post-acute care. Like with the broadening of any business, they needed to determine their technology and software needs, especially when it came to billing. Having long been a customer of Casamba, the company asked to learn more about Casamba HomeTherapy, which allows contract therapy providers, clinicians and home health agencies to stay connected, input e-referrals and share all rehab-related patient information. Because data in HomeTherapy is shared seamlessly across all Casamba Skilled applications, it ensures accuracy of payroll, billing, reporting and other back office functions.

We caught up with Jill and asked her about Paragon’s diversification efforts and how Casamba played a valued role in helping them achieve success:

Jill Schwartz, Area Manager

Jill Schwartz, Area Manager

Tell us about Paragon’s path to diversification.

Probably about five years ago, we looked into expanding our portfolio. As a company we were looking at diversifying and going into some other directions where we could provide that continuum of care for our residents from discharge, and one of the avenues that we saw was home health and outpatient therapy.

You picked home health as an area to expand into. Why?

We started looking into home health opportunities through partnerships with CCRCs (continuum care retirement centers). So when we discharge our residents from the skilled nursing services, we can “follow” them across the continuum by contracting our therapy services with home health agencies who extend the care of the patient at home within the CCRC.

Jill Schwartz- Area Manager for Paragon Rehabilitation

How have your patients responded to this additional level of service?

The residents love it. They usually come to a campus because they love the rehab we provide and want to continue with that. After a therapist has seen that patient for six weeks in the SNF setting, the therapist knows that patient pretty well. And they can help get that information to the home health’s nursing team to deliver quality continued care.

Talk about your decision to choose Casamba as part of your diversification.

We encountered a situation where, on one of our campuses, we thought there would be a large opportunity for home health. So that’s when we really looked into Casamba, what can they provide for us, what can they offer to us, and really looking at how we can expand our model without having to purchase or get a license for another EHR for our therapists. We were already working with Casamba, so we wouldn’t need to learn any new systems and it would just be easier.

How are you using Casamba with your diversification efforts?

We use Casamba HomeTherapy for the billing component and it’s been in place for about four years. Additionally, we’re using Casamba’s HomeTherapy portal. That platform has been very helpful for our agencies. As they input a patient referral into the system, that data flows right over to Casamba Skilled for us to input our billing information.

You’d been using Casamba previously?

Correct. We’ve been using Casamba for our documentation and billing systems for all of our SNFs, probably for at least five years.

What kind of feedback did you get from your staff?

It’s easy and user friendly for the staff. That’s key for us, because we’re all about efficiency.

What would you tell someone considering Casamba as part of their diversification plans?

Casamba has been a great partner and resource for all of our needs regarding documentation for our home health partnerships.

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