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Casamba Skilled Outpatient

Provide efficient and cost effective care across your SNF and Outpatient settings from one EMR

Casamba Skilled Outpatient is designed to assist organizations manage facilities that provide patient care in outpatient settings. It provides the same billing, timekeeping and documentation functionalities offered in the SNF module; however, the patient registration, scheduling, documentation, billing, reporting and analytics functions are tailored to the needs of the outpatient clinic.

Casamba Outpatient Analytics

Included in Casamba Skilled, Outpatient Analytics enables you to separate outpatient metrics from your other business lines, including referral management, no show and cancellation stats, productivity and much more.

The outpatient data includes all admission types of Outpatient, Independent Living (IL) and/or Assisted Living (AL) patient admissions.

Dashboards And Analytics Services of Casamba Skilled Software

Learn how Casamba can integrate your SNF and Outpatient businesses.

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