CMS Releases FY 2020 Hospice Final Rule

CMS Releases FY 2020 Hospice Final Rule

On July 31, CMS released the FY 2020 Hospice Final Rule.

Highlights include:

      • 2.6% payment update ($520 million)
      • Finalized rebasing of the CHC, GIP and IRC per diem payment rates in a budget neutral manner via a small reduction to the RHC rates
      • Finalized modification of the hospice election statement addendum beginning FY 2021, to include listing items, services and drugs that the hospice has determined to be unrelated to the terminal illness and related conditions

Access CMS’s Fact Sheet here.

For more information, read Casamba’s summary of the Final Rule.

Holly Hester

Holly Hester is Casamba’s Senior Vice President of Compliance & Education, as well as the Compliance Officer. She provides regulatory guidance and interpretation, clinical programming and content development, education and training steerage, and compliance support for the company. As a physical therapist for more than 20 years, Holly has multi-venue clinical and management experience, giving her a unique perspective on the integration of compliance and training with therapy service delivery and clinical practice.
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