Can PTAs and OTAs treat TRICARE patients?

Currently, PTAs and OTAs are not authorized providers for TRICARE in any venue. The National Defense Authorization Act passed into law in December 2017 added assistants as eligible providers of therapy services, but this change cannot be implemented until the rule-making process is completed and the regulations are finalized and published by the Department of Defense (DoD).

On December 20, 2018, the DoD published a Proposed Rule in the Federal Register to add PTAs and OTAs as authorized providers of therapy services under TRICARE.  If finalized, this Rule will align TRICARE with Medicare policy. The earliest the rule-making process could be completed and implemented is fall of 2019, but it could be as late as early 2020. Until this happens, PTAs and OTAs remain unable to treat TRICARE beneficiaries.

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