Which CPT code should I bill for dry needling services?

Currently, there is no CPT code for dry needling. The APTA has instructed the use of 97799, unlisted procedure, absent a specific payer policy to use a different code, and the AMA CPT manual suggests 20999, unlisted procedure, musculoskeletal system, a code not to be used by therapists but potentially by MDs/chiropractors. Neither of these codes are reimbursed under Medicare or other commercial payers. In September 2018, the APTA and American Chiropractic Association submitted an application to the AMA CPT Panel for the addition of two CPT codes for dry needling/trigger point acupuncture. This application was accepted, and the industry anticipates the addition of two new codes for this service to be effective January 1, 2020.  Whether or not these new codes will be reimbursed by Medicare or other insurances carriers remains to be seen.

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