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Time Keeping and Payroll

Forecast Your Labor Costs

Therapist Time and Attendance in the Facility must be tracked not only for Payroll and Contract Therapy purposes but also for Profit and Loss calculations for the Therapy Department. Therapist Time multiplied by hourly rate together with Rehab Revenue assists the management team in tracking revenue trends, efficiency, productivity and making informed management decisions.

Time and attendance is tracked in Casamba with each Therapist entering their time in and out and any travel time OR with an interface from an external time keeping system. Requests for Paid Time Off are entered in the system and must be approved prior to the payroll period. All Time and attendance is reviewed online and approved with a payroll file generated according to specifications.

Time and attendance is used by Casamba to generate up-to-date reports like Productivity, Efficiency and Profit & Loss enabling the Rehab department to manage labor utilization based on real time data.