Get everyone on the same page.

Keep your patients top of mind, connect your team to information, focus on outcomes not workflows with innovative solutions that are…



Our solutions have been trusted by outpatient therapy providers for more than 20 years.



Casamba’s TherapySource has been implemented in the top Physical Therapy practices and is scalable to fit the needs of companies with 1 to over 1,000 locations.




Collaborate to deliver results.

Support your patients through every step in their journey. Keep your staff empowered with data. Drive successful patient outcomes and healthy business results. Connected people and connected technology are the key to…


Quality Outcomes

Deliver a higher standard of patient care.


Increased Compliance

Critical to the success of all outpatient providers.


Operational Efficiencies

Streamlined processes allow patient focus to be a priority.


Optimized Profits

Accelerate growth and expansion.

SOFTWARE for integrated teams

Integrated for the sake of your patients. Flexible for the growth of your business. From start to finish SourceMed’s software streamlines clinical and administrative processes enabling you to capture, exchange and analyze data.

  • Registration
  • Scheduling
  • Patient Engagement Solutions
  • Clinical Documentation
  • Billing
  • Collections
  • Management Reporting

We were looking for a system that would let us be compliant -- thought-free. We didn't have to think about it, we didn't have to have manual tracking. That was a big thing to us."

Karen Christen, Director, Rehabilitation Services

FHN Memorial Hospital

REVENUE CYCLE SERVICES for accurate reimbursements

Accurate coding and billing reduces denials. Efficient claim and collection management increases net revenue. Improve the financial health of your outpatient facility by putting your revenue cycle in the hands of an experienced team led by award winning experts. We bring you the best to drive the best results.


Optimized Billing

Our team of coders secure maximum reimbursement for all claims.

Rapid & Accurate Claims Submission

Claims are submitted accurately with fewer denials and delays in reimbursements.

Accelerated Collections

Clean claims shrink collection timelines and increase cash flow.

Categorize & Track Denials

Identify trends and weaknesses in the process with a denial log. Hold payors accountable for timely and accurate reimbursement.

Correct Payments

Recognize payors' inaccurate payments quickly to realize full reimbursement.

Our average collected rate has increased 25% by taking billing out of therapists’ hands and letting the system track treatments and handle coding."

Craig Zettergren, PT, Owner

Integrated. Scalable. Proven. Our Solutions. Your Edge.