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Portal for your Customer

Now you can give each of YOUR customers their very own secure portal! Yours to brand, Casamba posts customer focused statistical information in graph and grid format. Your company can show its worth to your customers on clinical and financial matrices right online.


Your clients will see colorful graphs illustrating information like -

  • Length of Stay by Diagnostic Groups and Programs
  • Patient Outcomes
  • Statistics on DC Destinations
  • Treatment by payor and diagnostic groups
  • RUG Utilization by Therapy Level or by End Split
  • Statistics for referring physicians and hospitals
  • Assessment type data on SOTs, COTs, Short Stays, etc.
  • Operational statistics for unplanned discharges and discharges to home

AND More...

Plus, clinical documentation, invoices, billing files and billing packets can also be automatically posted to the portal. Your clients can log in securely and pick them up from there.