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Outcome Measures

Tracking Patient Outcomes is an important consideration for any Therapy Provider. Casamba's customizable Outcomes Module is fully integrated with documentation ensuring consistency and compliance with Outcomes collection and reporting.

Multiple library sets can be used to better support all lines of business and Casamba supports any outcomes tool — whether your organization has created a proprietary tool or has a license for a commercial library, data can be integrated and collected at point of service! And did you know that Casamba's Outcome Module also supports The Care Tool Continuity Assessment Record and Evaluation (CARE) Item Set?

Use Common Language to Measure Success

The Outcomes Module is included in your Casamba subscription and comes complete with —

Patient level reporting

  • Start values, End values and Gains for each discipline
  • Diagnoses and Length of Stay

Aggregate level reports allow comparison of patient gains across your organization

  • Enterprise statistics sliced and diced by facility, admission type, diagnostic group, program utilization, physicians, referring hospital and MORE
  • Average Start, End and Gain values
  • Average Age
  • Average Length of Stay
  • Gain per Unit
  • Gain per Day

Interested in providing de-identified data for benchmarking and industry advocacy? Just ask us.