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Casamba Mobile

Casamba's state of the art software is now available on the iPhone®, iPod Touch® and the iPad® to enhance your day to day operations. Now your staff can embrace more tools with an intuitive interface that provide ease of use and make a bold statement on your level of commitment to technology.

Point-of-care and designed to run offline on today's most advanced devices, Casamba Mobile enables therapists to manage their daily activities efficiently and accurately. Gone are the days of clinicians lining up at the computer station, waiting their turn to enter information captured on pieces of paper throughout the day. Therapists equipped with Casamba Mobile are more efficient using real-time capture of information, boosting productivity and improving accuracy. Casamba Mobile seamlessly integrates with Casamba's core running on desktops, tablet PCs or touch-screen kiosks allowing each organization to deploy the most effective combination of devices suited to its unique needs.

Using Casamba Mobile, therapists can...

  • Work offline
  • Record treatment information in real-time complete with integrated CCI edits
  • Complete the EMR including the Plan of Care, Updated Plan of Care, Progress Reports and DC Summaries all using Casamba's state of the art skilled libraries
  • Document daily progress notes using skilled verbiage to assist with audits
  • Admit patients
  • Manage schedules
  • See alerts
  • Record time & attendance information.
  • Request and review time off