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Electronic Documentation - EMR

Still doing Documentation on paper? Your risk is high. As clinicians focus on treating the patients, documentation done on paper is an afterthought and often not truly reflective of the treatment session or functional progress.

Look to Casamba to help! Clinicians complete an online plan of care with data elements forced through the program to ensure all requirements are met (decreasing denial risk significantly). Casamba even gives the clinicians the opportunity to utilize key Medicare language phrases to guide them. Once the plan of care is completed, this information flows to the daily and/or weekly notes, assisting the clinician to simply review the prior week's performance and update the current week. The clinician can accomplish this in 2-3 minutes per patient.

Efficiency Benefits

  • Single Source Entry
  • Point of Service
  • Documentation Scheduling
  • Clinical Libraries with Medicare and Skilled Language
  • Guided CPT notes facilitate the use of skilled verbiage (objective, measureable, functional)
  • Evaluations, Progress Notes, Daily Notes and DC Summaries that feed key information to the next form and use customizable libraries
  • Exports to capable vendors

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