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Contract Therapy Billing

Integrated Contract Therapy Billing

This fully integrated and comprehensive Therapy Provider Billing tool allows for contract information to be captured for each facility the Therapy Company services. All industry standard contract types are provided including Per Diem RUG, Minutes, CPT, levels, etc. Complete flexibility in billing is provided with the application allowing for a different contract type by Payor, by Facility. The whole process can be automated to produce the bill, export file and billing packet posted on your Customer's portal or a secure FTP.

How it Works

Casamba's clinical applications capture all therapy and treatment related data, create clinical documentation and pass data to the billing module. Using this data the billing application retrieves the necessary information from the therapy record, translates treatment activity into calculation routines and produces the bills and related billing documentation for all types of Payors.

Changes to the treatment record after invoice are an unavoidable part of the Contract Therapy world. Whether it is an unexpected COT OMRA that reaches back in to last month's billing or a retro payor change, these can be hard to track and adjust. Never fear, this is also fully automated in Casamba!